Mall Amenities

  • Basement

    • Parking space for vehicles
    • Energy room of electric installation
    • Modern generators
    • Basement for Lifts and Escalators
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  • Ground Floor

    • Showrooms of branded companies including
      R T L, Adidas, John player, Jansons, Basics, Enryca.
    • Jewelleries and electronic show room
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  • First floor

    • Show rooms of readymades, Ladies garments.
    • Foot Wears and mobiles and accessories and fancy items
    • Toilet blocks
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  • Second floor

    • Show Rooms of kitchen settings and accessories
    • Show rooms of children’s wears
    • Ladies Beauty Parlor and Readymades
    • Registered office of Payyanur Mall
    • Separate Prayer rooms for gents and ladies
    • Toilet blocks
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  • Third floor

    • Multi cuisine Food Court
    • Hypermarket: Big Mart
    • Toilet Blocks
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