Payyanur Mall

Payyanur Mall is visualized to be at par with the best international malls. The five storeyed exquisite and magnificent edifice has quality defined facilities of which the layout and structures were designed by a highly professional expert team. ‘Payyanur Mall” encompasses one basement floor exclusively for parking and four shopping floors.

Payyanur Mall is a modern shopping MALL with multifaceted facilities, Commercial shops, Hypermarkets, leading jewellery show room, Multi cuisine Food-court, public utility services such as Prayer Hall, resting enclaves, in addition to a host of national and international Brands known for their magnificence and qualities, such as adidas, RelianceTrends,John player Jansons, Basics, Enryca. Electronic show room of a quality ranged electronic Equipments .and high branded foot Wears, high standard mobile phone and accessories etc add colors to the otherwise exquisite splendor.

The front view of this Mega building is artistically set to provide an attractive and aesthetic view.

The third floor is exclusively for a Hyper market and a Luxurious Multi cuisine Food Court. The Building has, among other things, ultra modern escalator, capsule lifts, used water treatment plant, Electric power back up to ensure round the clock power supply generator etc. The most outstanding feature is an extensive basement parking floor, to accommodate approximately one hundred vehicles at a time.

About Payyanur

Payyanur is a fast growing Municipal Town. In addition to its own growth, it has become the focal point of dependence for small townships it gains further importance and momentum due to the close proximity of Pariyaram Medical College, Naval Academy at Ezhimala, CRPF Camp Preringome,Engineering College at Cheemeni, Engineering College at Korom and several other prestigious Institutions.

It being a nerve centre of Public and private Transports connecting to the several other cities, inside Kerala, and also the focal point of nearby and far off densely populated villages, the city is growing by leaps and bounds. Day by day several commercial and public utility establishments come up in this city by attractive names and styles but many of them have resulted only in over crowding the already crowded city, rendering the movements of pedestrians and Transports quite difficult and delayed. There are hardly any commercial or utility complexes in the city which allows parking facilities even for a dozen vehicles at a time. Most of the vehicles encroach the public space, while the customers do shopping.

Taking into account the developing potential of this city and also the existing demand and supply ratio, the promoters feel that a Building Project,as came into existence by name and style Payyanur Mall shall address to the commercial needs of the city.

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